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Medical equipment Services


Find out how our years of experience with hospital liquidations can help you get the maximum value from your capital equipment budget. Not only do we buy and sell used medical equipment but we call also help with appraisals, mergers, inventory, trade in and lease buy out evaluations. Buy and Sell Used Medical Equipment. We buy and sell used medical equipment. We stock over 6,000 items in our warehouse. Clear out your storerooms and turn your used medical equipment into cash.

Medical Equipment Inventory Service
We can provide a detailed inventory of your capital medical equipment. Over time asset tracking systems can become out of sync with the reality in your facility. We can provide you a detailed list of what is actually found in your facility and were it is located.

Medical Equipment Trade in Evaluation
When you buy new medical equipment how do you know you are getting a fair trade in value? Contact us to find out what the real value of your trade in is. There is no cost to find out. In many cases you can turn your used medical equipment into cash and still get a discount on the new equipment you are buying.

Medical Equipment Lease Buy Out Evaluation
We have saved client and lending institutions thousands buy providing fair market evaluations of medical equipment that is on lease. Clients want to know if the buy out price on their medical equipment lease is fair. If the lease buy out is too high, our detailed evaluation will provide you the proof to renegotiate with the leasing company.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Medical Equipment Storage
How much money are you spending on storage space for surplus medical equipment? How many items have been in storage more than 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? What is the fair market value of the equipment being stored compared to the cost of storing it? We can help answer these questions.